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This artifact is the BOMB.

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Everybody in the studio is industriously putting the finishing touches on the HoF2 Preview (formerly known as "the Beta", but there's so much excellent content in there we've outgrown the term), but I wanted to show you a cool new artifact that you'll soon be able to play around with.

Say you're tasked with defending a gormless farmer from a horde of skeletons. Problem, right? Not if you're armed with some Holy Purification bombs.


Skeletons! I hate them. I don't even like to admit that I have one.


Ready. AIM...




Let's take a look at that again in slow motion.

Another farmer successfully rescued from their own foolishness.

The bomb artifacts (there are three kinds. Collect them all!) are introduced in the Lovers challenge, and they're provided to you by a mysterious goblin in a false beard. Whoever that could be...

The Lovers is one of the eight challenges you'll be able to try in the preview event. If you still haven't signed up, there's still time! All you have to do is join our mailing list on the HoF2 page.

PS. That was a clever headline and I regret nothing.