Rocket Bunnies

Slingshot through space to feed the bunny hordes!

Award winning casual gaming

Finally, a new entry in the hugely popular space rabbit game genre! We’re pleased to be releasing our first title for Android, iPhone and iPad. Take the role of the Rocket Bunny and travel through space feeding your colonies through 31 action packed levels.

Rocket Bunnies is a perfect blend of casual accessibility with action puzzles, although getting three stars is a challenge all of its own! Time your slingshots in order to gain boost, allowing you to rocket through obstacles and away from enemies. Race around the system feeding your colonies and making your way to the next set of challenges.

If you play a better space-rabbit-simulation this year, we’ll give you your money back! Simply one of the best games to come to Android, nice graphics and lovable gameplay Featuring incredible Retina graphics and deep RPG levelling and gear, Heroes Call brings dungeon crawling action and adventure to the mobile and tablet as it's never been seen before.