Heroes Call

Bringing AAA Action RPG to Touch Devices.

Groundbreaking Free to Play RPG

Heroes Call is a Free To Play, Action RPG for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices due for release in May 2012. Set in the city of Brineside players take the role of mercenaries for hire, answering calls from the local Adventurers Guild and discovering the mysteries of the city. At the Guild, we're not fussy. If you've got a weapon to carry and the arms to hold it, we'll put you to work. Featuring incredible Retina graphics and deep RPG levelling and gear, Heroes Call brings dungeon crawling action and adventure to the mobile and tablet as it's never been seen before.

"This is as close as you can get go Diablo on the iPhone. - SquareZero"

  • Visceral combat with a range of weapons.
  • Built from the ground up for touch.
  • Incredible 3D RETINA graphics that showcase the power of your device.
  • Intuitive controls, designed specifically for touchscreen devices, easy to pick-up and offering depth to master.
  • Each hero has a wide range of powers and abilities, level your hero to match your play style.

  • Over 40 quests split into different adventures that take you to multiple locations.
  • Quest play out in unique order, so every Hero has a different journey.
  • Over 100 different enemies including Orcs, Zombies, Skeletons and Ogres.
  • 2 playable characters at launch, with more in development.