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Augmented Reality Gaming at the Cutting Edge

S traight from the depths of the top-secret Defiant Development research station comes the tale of a man too brave to quit, small of stature but large of heart : Inch High Stunt Guy! Second place winner in the Qualcomm augmented reality developer challenge!

Racing across your desktop in a series of crazed challenges, risking life and limb, smashing through hoops and exploding into your affections! Inch High Stunt guy using cutting edge augmented reality technology to put the diminutive stuntman into the world. Move the obstacles and try to successfully guide him to a crowd pleasing finale – or maliciously crash him repeatedly into tanks filled with sharks if you’re that type of person.

Augmented reality is super-cool and exciting, but somewhat hard to explain. Just watch this video, and you’ll see why you need Inch High Stunt Guy to complete your otherwise humdrum existence!